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Genomics for forestry research
Genoinseq is an active partner in genomics for forestry research, with the creation of genomic resources, transcriptomics for the study of gene expression and microbiome characterization.

Genoinseq, Biocant's Advanced Sequencing Unit, has produced genomic data for forestry research. The Unit participated in the creation of several genomic resources, the most emblematic being the sequencing project of the cork oak transcriptome (Leal et al., 2014) and later the sequencing of the cork oak genome (Ramos et al., 2018), up to the sequencing of fungal and bacterial genomes (Leal et al., 2021, Margesin et al., 2018).

On the other hand, its activity in the area of ​​transcriptomics has generated information to identify which genes are expressed in certain plant diseases, such as pine infection by the pine wood nematode (Santos et al., 2012, Figueiredo et al., 2013).

The recognition of the importance of microbial communities associated with plants, with the concept of the plant as an holobiont, led to the study of several epiphytic, endophytic and rhizospheric communities. These studies mainly targeting bacteria and fungi, identified microorganisms present in different communities, and studied their interaction with the plant and their role in the appearance of diseases (Pinho et al., 2020).

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